Pullman Saigon Hotel

I love hotels. I guess I just love the fact that I don’t have to clean, do the laundry, and cook. So that the boys can view the fireworks, we checked in Pullman Saigon Hotel. It’s a relatively new hotel in Saigon — may be just around 2 years.

 photo 20150218_141737_zpsfz0us37l.jpgWe booked our room accommodation a month ago and asked for a corner room facing the fireworks area.

 photo 20150218_142414_zpswpw68dfl.jpgThe legs on the wall baffles me. I wonder who the installation artist is. 😛

 photo 20150218_142739_zpspgfafplu.jpgOur room was in the 20th floor and Sam and Rafa were both smiling from ear to ear upon seeing our cozy room.

 photo 20150218_142807_zpsi6zkflz5.jpgI guess spending a week with mom and dad for a week was getting to them and needed a change of scenery. 😛

 photo 20150218_142834_zpsgxnhfptf.jpgOf course both boys had to check out how all the switches work. I firmly believe that kids are all you need to do QAs.

 photo 20150218_142846_zps2f91kfwm.jpgThe bathroom is airy and has a 180 view of the city.

 photo 20150218_142851_zpsx43ndbva.jpgMy only complaint is that there is no door to the bathroom. The kids can freely walk in and climb in the tub. Thankfully, the shower and toilet had separate cubicles.

 photo 20150218_142918_zpstobhcpwf.jpgBeen experimenting with no poo, but of course I had to make an exception when staying in hotels.

 photo 20150218_142930_zpsehhd9lic.jpgHere’s a view from the entrance of the bathroom —

 photo 20150218_143008_zpshq7bbghz.jpg

We also tried the pool on the 6th floor (if I remember correctly) and there was also a play area for kids. It was also right next to the spa and gym.

 photo 20150218_153158_zpsbum5rczk.jpg

What I liked about the pool is that it has a separate area for kids so kids can play in the water without the adults worrying to much about the depth.

 photo 20150218_153356_zpsch731ymv.jpg

The breakfast buffet was composed of both Western and Asian dishes. I have to admit I just had to have a Nutella crepe.

 photo 20150219_091832_zpsg0mbfptq.jpg

Found at one corner of the dining area is a kiddie corner when kids can play while of course the adults eat.
 photo 20150219_091557_zps7q4pgfoz.jpgOverall, we had a pleasant stay in Pullman and would recommend it to friends and family visiting.

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