Food Trip: Mint and Paul

 photo 20150312_181621_zpsizelykl9.jpgPart of me don’t want to share about Mint and Paul. It opened early this year and is a gem of a restaurant in Phu My Hung.

 photo 20150312_183029_zpskqmcaqhy.jpgIt is owned by the same people who run MJ’s Kitchen and like it’s home-cooked Korean food counterpart, Mint and Paul serves delicious delicious meals!

 photo 20150312_181827_zpsmoddsmij.jpgThe ground floor is where the kitchen is but on the upper floor is a charming open and airy dining area.

 photo 20150312_181818_zpswjdk7cra.jpgThe furniture, ambiance, and food kinda reminds me of a cross between L’usine and Au Parc. But since the owners are Koreans, there definitely is some Asian cuisine there too.

 photo 20150312_181724_zpssdle8h26.jpgThere are wonderful vintage touches all over the restaurant and sets the tone for a superb dining experience.

 photo 20150312_181747_zpsnrbavlhc.jpgEven the wash area is vintage-y —

 photo 20150312_192923_zps1yghmz8z.jpgThe lights used all over were vintage bulbs. I think I may have seen such bulbs being sold at L’usine.

 photo 20150312_182948_zpsr4kpe68l.jpgA close up picture of the bulb-vase —

 photo 20150312_183651_zps8ixyyiip.jpg

I just love the details!

For starters, we ordered the salmon salad in balsamic vinegar, then the 4 kinds of sausages, spicy garlic chicken wings with cashew nuts, and the black paella. Yup! They’ve got some Spanish in their menu too.

 photo 20150312_183453_zpspzoyhdp7.jpgSalmon Salad in Balsamic Vinegar

 photo 20150312_183802_zps94vnik2b.jpgSausages

 photo 20150312_190036_zps9t838efo.jpgSpicy Garlic Chicken Wings

 photo 20150312_185804_zpspipl8bii.jpgBlack Paella

Manuel ordered the Mango smoothie while I ordered the Lemon and Mint smoothie. My drink was perfect in cleaning the palate as I moved from one dish to another.

 photo 20150312_183502_zpsvzrj1srf.jpgWill definitely come back and try the other food in their menu that we missed like the Fish and Chips, pizza, beef steak, and a whole lot more. Their price is in the mid-range but perfectly priced for the food and the portion.

 photo 20150312_181908_zpse1qi3m8c.jpgWe went on a Thursday night at just past 6 pm and we were the first diners. But 10 minutes later, the place was almost filled up. I don’t think PMH can keep this place a secret for much longer.

Mint and Paul
161 Ton Dat Tien, Panorama
Phu My Hung, District 7
+84 8 5413 8384

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