Hum at Thi Sach

Last weekend, we brought the family of a friend to Hum Vegetarian Restaurant. Since we’re a big group, I decided we should just go to Hum’s at Thi Sach.

 photo 20150322_103814_zpsz6jnylvt.jpg
We went there for lunch right after Sunday Mass and the place was empty. They open at 10 am by the way.

 photo 20150322_103700_zpsniti8s7g.jpgDuring weekdays, especially over lunch, this place is packed. You can hardly get a table.

 photo 20150322_103653_zpskl3mlw1y.jpgHum at Thi Sach is very popular with office workers and big groups as the place is spacious.

 photo 20150322_103648_zpsj0mcdedc.jpgA friend noted that the ambiance was perfect and friends visiting Vietnam for the first time would like it here.

 photo 20150322_103619_zpsbo1we71q.jpgThis was our table a the back which I actually ate in with the whole office once.

 photo 20150322_103538_zpsfq3gvoxw.jpgFriends loved the food here. They were all surprised that vegetarian food can be so appetizing!

 photo 20150322_103522_zpscix6swj2.jpgSpecial mention to the pretty lighting in the toilet. 😛

 photo 20150322_114801_zpsze5eyyas.jpgVisit Hum at 2 Thi Sach, District 1, HCMC.

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