Food Trip: The Workshop

 photo 20150319_174649_zpsm5zju1mk.jpgThe Workshop has been open for some 6 months according to the staff who was very chatty with us when we visited last week.

 photo 20150319_182151_zpsmsh7ofo6.jpgFound in one of the old buildings along Ngo Duc Ke in District 1, I couldn’t believe that there’s a haven on top of the steep, rickety stairs. I literally huffed and puffed my way up lugging my archaic heavy laptop.

 photo 20150319_182139_zpslvkk2tbw.jpgI love the seemingly antique heavy furniture of The Workshop which again reminds me of L’usine.

 photo 20150319_182131_zpsix5npihh.jpgWe came in early evening and the place had lots of customers mostly busy with their laptops. It’s a workshop after all. 😛

 photo 20150319_175311_zpsdauqm55f.jpg

More heavy furniture inside.

 photo 20150319_175805_zpstki2uyxr.jpg

The place reminds me of warehouse with all the trusses and industrial lights —

 photo 20150319_175833_zpsnltgw4fx.jpgOf course, you just had to order coffee here. And you can choose between Vietnam or Laos Coffee — all Arabica.

 photo 20150319_182052_zpsyzl58tih.jpgThe place also partially looked like a laboratory with all the different flasks for preparing coffee.

 photo 20150319_182103_zpsug3rqayk.jpg

They have pasta and sandwiches. I had the ham and cheese sandwich while hubby had the burger. They were both delish!

 photo 20150319_175026_zpskqbrhsfc.jpgHere’s a close up of my sandwich. 😛

 photo 20150319_180139_zpswaxytjgk.jpgAnd hubby’s mouthwatering chicken burger with basil.

 photo 20150319_175041_zpsg5jdphsv.jpg

If you just wanna hangout and chill or work, the crowd in The Workshop is pretty decent. Highly recommended!

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