Where to get documents authenticated?

 photo 20150326_151421_zpssk0ra4ad.jpgSo where do you get your documents authenticated? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It’s been a while since I last visited and the authentication department has moved from Alexander de Rhodes to 184 Pasteur St. — which is basically the same compound but the entrance is at a different street.

I found the new system a bit cumbersome than when I did transactions a couple of years ago. Before, I could just wait for number, pass my papers along with the photocopy, pay and be done with it.

Now, after having your papers photocopied, you’d have to go to the workstations at the right of the entrance. Fill out a transaction form online. It’s in Vietnamese and English so it’s easy enough but lately, the computers don’t work at all. You can go to the office next to the counters and ask someone to help you input your data for you though, which is a plus I guess. And they speak exceptional English, so that helps a whole lot.

After having the transaction filled up, you wait for your number to be called to pass your documents for authentication. Remember to bring a valid ID and for foreigners, that means BRINGING YOUR PASSPORT.

After which, you’d have to pay for the transaction which starts for 30,000VND per document. As always, you’d get your authenticated document on the next working day.

Just a bit surprised that there are more transactions going on these days than when I first did a couple of years ago.

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1 Response to Where to get documents authenticated?

  1. Angel says:

    Hi! Is authentication of papers by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in HCMC the next step after authentication of documents from DFA Manila? Asking because I just recently found a job in HCMC and I am putting together my documents for work permit application. My documents have been authenticated in Manila but I am not sure if I should go to the Philippine Honorary Consulate General here in HCMC or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs next. Thanks!

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