Stalking the Stalkers’ Duo

 photo Stalker-CBS_zps7rzni0hf.jpgSo I realized today that I am a fangirl.

Who else did we ran into during lunch at Hum? No less than American-Vietnamese actress, Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott of CBS TV Series, Stalker.

 photo ea64998c9a879883addb5647c6e59661c5ba43966053376299f7275aa865bb33_zpsqkjc9pg5.jpgHubby actually saw them first as they entered the restaurant but was unsure who they were except that they looked familiar. Over dessert, it dawned on him that the gorgeous lady was Maggie Q of Stalker which we both love!

 photo 1f03de86d7e178ff765b15e46a5da94d1a00f45700a8f9aad853a5a4bb3eb5f4_zpsvobsxdsy.jpgMaggie Q was gracious to oblige us with a couple of photos with of course her fiance and co-star, Dylan McDermott. I think I apologized twice for disturbing their party.  But yeah, I couldn’t let the opportunity pass. 😀

Am just glad that I didn’t stutter when Maggie asked me a couple of questions. Startstruck!

This made my day!

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