Checking out Phu Quoc International Airport

 photo 20150426_120620_zpsn1ii1hes.jpgIt’s been 4 years since we last visited Phu Quoc and visiting it this past weekend, we were very much surprised of the changes that has taken place — especially the Phu Quoc now International Airport!

 photo 20150426_120627_zpshwbypu0e.jpgThe international terminal opened in late 2011. And I have to say, the airport smells and still looks new.

 photo 20150427_140804_zps1lqsidlo.jpgIt trumps the domestic airport in Tan Son Nhat by a hundred miles. 😀

 photo 20150427_140756_zpstx70suo5.jpgMy Philippines should take a page off the book if PQ International Airport.

 photo 20150427_140753_zpsvr63ddru.jpg

The airport staff was efficient and even if there was no tubes to get on the plane, the airport bus shuttled everyone to the plane on the runway. And can I say, that from the gate to the plane, it was just less than 20 meters away!

 photo 20150427_140817_zpsopbljqax.jpg

Besides Tan Son Nhat International Airport, I’ve only been to 4 other airports (Danang, Nha Trang, HCMC, and PQ), and PQ is the best I’ve seen so far. But then again, it’s been years since I’ve last visited Danang and Nha Trang.

 photo 20150427_145606_zpswnob9kor.jpg

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3 Responses to Checking out Phu Quoc International Airport

  1. Le Nguyen says:

    Dear friend,

    I am living in Phu Quoc and I confirm the new int’l airport opened in the late 2012, not in 2011, could you edit the info?

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  3. Thoa Vin says:

    There is a nice video tour of the Phu Quoc Airport that can be seen here:

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