I waited 5 years for this?

Yesterday, our group was scrambling for a place to watch the quote and quote “FIGHT OF THE CENTURY”. It was late in the afternoon when we finally secured seats at Hogsbreath at Bitexco.

 photo 20150503_101454_zpswwet8hoh.jpg

When we arrived at 9 am, the place was almost filled up. But with the number of screens around (I think 7), it was not difficult to watch the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight.

 photo 20150503_094922_zpsqsuemnhw.jpg

Oh and we found out that yup, you can watch the same via livestreaming (FOR FREE!) through FPT Play. 😛 We could have just stayed home but it was all worth the good food at Hogsbreath and the great crowd.

 photo 20150503_104612_zps8we9nj1e.jpgWhen the Philippine national anthem was sung, the crowd gave a loud cheer and even moreso when Pacquiao stepped into the ring.

 photo 20150503_114544_zpsym8qd91w.jpg

With the crowd being a mix of Asians and Westerners, I was surprised that none cheered for Mayweather at all. And when the match ended, you could feel the disappointment of the crowd.
 photo 20150503_115757_zpsv3kdqaiv.jpgMax Kellerman’s biased interview did not help at all.

After seeing Mayweather run all around the ring and notably throwing more hugs than punches, I remain unconvinced of his win. A draw would have been acceptable. I knew Pacquiao had to convince the judges more but without a single knock down, he couldn’t sway them to his side. But I have to hand it to Manny for being the more aggressive boxer in the ring.

 photo 20150503_104749_zpsmur4ytih.jpg

Greg Bishop said it succintly, “The boxer who has never lost has one fight he cannot win.” Yup, Mayweather may have won the title, but Pacquiao continues to win the hearts of the fans.

What an unbearably boring fight of the century. I can’t believe I waited 5 years for this.

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1 Response to I waited 5 years for this?

  1. alcaTsar says:

    I agree with your commentary. Pacman would’ve walked out of there “the real champ”. However, his post match denial was baffling. Seemed like the two fighters had traded personalities. Still the end result of this match is positive for the sport. Feel free to read my thoughts if you have the time.

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