Nguyen Hue Promenade at Night

So last Wednesday, I dropped by to take a peek of Nguyen Hue’s new promenade. And because it was newly opened, I was expecting the crowd, but not on Friday night when the whole family checked it out.

 photo 20150501_205401_zpsqrst1qpk.jpgWell, I guess it was so because it was a holiday (Labor Day) and may be an extension of the celebration of Vietnam’s 40th Year of Independence.

 photo 20150501_203438_LLS_zpsacqtpl4u.jpg

I guess am just not used to seeing this much people in HCMC at a place where you really can’t do anything but ooh and aah at the available space? 😛

 photo 20150501_203430_LLS_zpssnfe3gik.jpgNo seriously, I’m amazed by how opening this expanse to the public makes a lot of people happy. Me included!

 photo share_tempory_zpsgplzmjst.jpgYesterday after the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, the place was blessedly void of crowds. Well, it was hot too at 12 noon. 😀

 photo 20150503_121105_zpsgzavd4ip.jpgCheck out Rusty Compass’ shot of this beautiful street!

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