Don’t Pass Up on City Pass Guide

 photo CityPassGuide_zps2yvxdtmy.png

Six years in Vietnam isn’t that long. I have met a lot of foreigners who love Vietnam so much and have been here for more than a decade. And I’m pretty sure that these people would still be surprised on what Vietnam has to offer. I know I am.

 photo 224543e1-ab45-4b6a-9807-e1b78b9d153e_zpsgd3c8evm.jpg

As a resident, I still find lots to learn about Ho Chi Minh City. And City Pass Guide has just come out with their Resident Guide Book. And if you’re looking for good deals or just want to know more about a destination, city, attractions or even a restaurant  in Vietnam you’re interested in visiting, head on to their website.

Going around the city has never been this easy with City Pass Guide.

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