Visiting Tiffany

 photo 20150512_111138_zpses31hs0n.jpgIt was almost a year ago when I last visited Tiffany. I first met her and her husband, Anh through a lunch booking with With Locals. Since then, I’ve been meaning to bring my friends to her house to meet her.

 photo 20150512_114200_zpsx434bonq.jpgAnd this time, they finally did!

 photo 20150512_115117_zps0opydxyk.jpgTiffany served mostly Hanoian dishes. Hanoi is from where her husband grew up. We jokingly asked Anh if he could sing us a song from his Vietnam Idol days. 😛

 photo 20150512_131017_zpsxgiexoyj.jpgWhile Tiffany was busy in the kitchen, the gang were busy checking out all the stuff that’s being sold in their tiny home.

 photo 20150512_111223_zpsd3zhur1t.jpg

Amidst the household’s cats and dogs, you can find ceramic wares everywhere!

 photo 20150512_111311_zpsdm7njwqv.jpgIt was just impossible not to check em all out.

 photo 20150512_111319_zpsrjugjo4j.jpgImagine eating surrounded with all these!

 photo 20150512_111329_zpsdrpo9lcc.jpgBowls were spilling out into the veranda —

 photo 20150512_111338_zpstcibmvka.jpg

 photo 20150512_113817_zpsjg3gvohl.jpg

 photo 20150512_125717_zps5xsnkhyz.jpg
 photo 20150512_125726_zpse8yz1kx4.jpg

 photo 20150512_130833_zpsl7uxeaca.jpgMy stash —-

 photo 20150512_190225_zps7dtgwqdz.jpg

As usual, Tiffany’s food and wares did not disappoint. I can’t recommend them enough!

For a true local and memorable foodie experience, book them through With Locals!

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5 Responses to Visiting Tiffany

  1. oh my gosh, so many!!! My mom would have such a great time looking at all of them. Thanks for sharing

  2. Mrs Miles Magsajo says:

    May I know if the ceramic items from Tiffany’s are all made in Vietnam or from other Asian countries ?

  3. Mrs Miles Magsajo says:

    Thank you For your reply Ms Lyra

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