Food Trip: Furano Sushi

 photo 20150517_120153_zps08ofxkkg.jpgAlmost every time we visit Vivo City on a weekend, we are greeted by a huge crowd — so eating is more often times impossible. Aside from Pepper Lunch, we’ve tried Marukame Udon and Furano Sushi. We can only eat at off hours when there’s no crowd yet.

 photo 20150517_112901_zpse4bengn0.jpgComparing to Tokyo Deli where the menu is similar, Furano Sushi is a bit pricier I think versus the serving.

 photo 20150517_112415_zpsyhrubg4q.jpgBut the their fish is fresh which is important for Japanese restaurants.

 photo 20150517_112432_zpsiiqii2nw.jpg

 photo 20150517_111406_zpsuvnrgvaf.jpgFor the lack of Japanese restaurants serving sushi and sashimi, Furano Sushi is a good place to go to.

Furano Sushi
4th Floor, SC Vivo City
District 7

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