Food Trip: Jeon Sool Bab

 photo 20150518_122246_zpsjzbqxczt.jpgAgain, thanks to Katrina, I found myself trying out the Korean restaurant Jeon Sool Bab which has been operating in Kumho for some time now. I don’t see solo diners here so I didn’t dare tried this place before.

 photo 20150518_114154_zpsmojmywut.jpg

The place can accommodate big groups and I liked the simple furniture. It was like eating in an Asian noodle house.

 photo 20150518_113933_zps4yvz8m4y.jpg

Of course the menu was mostly Korean dishes but I saw some Vietnamese dishes like the banh xeo.

 photo 20150518_114039_zpsgz0skwvm.jpg

As the norm in a Korean restaurant, side dishes are a-plenty! And these are really good!

 photo 20150518_114136_zps6bh2sorq.jpg

Katrina ordered the spicy noodle. We asked it not to be too spicy but it still is according to my palate. Have low threshold for spicy food. But this is too good to pass up!

 photo 20150518_114810_zpsvwyuftun.jpg

We had the fried squid.
 photo 20150518_115009_zpsekn3tust.jpgAnd this mixed fried gimbap and vegetables.

 photo 20150518_115014_zpsgspwsjsk.jpg

Since Katrina loves pork, we just had to order the barbecue pork rib. I’ll easily come back for this. The Koreans really know how to barbecue!

 photo 20150518_120825_zps5o9v2wzi.jpg

The ribs was paired with the veggies for rolling but of course we didn’t. Hehehe.

 photo 20150518_120835_zpsqcyenm8b.jpgFor Pinoys, barbecue and veggies don’t really go together. 😛

This place is really good! Must return!

Jeon Sool Bab
1st Level Kumho Link
District 1, HCMC

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