Supporting Helping HOW

So a few weeks ago, we were decluttering around the house and there were just a ton of stuff we wanted to let go. Most were toys that my kids have outgrown and a stroller. So remembering Helping HOW, that is also supporting an orphanage in Go Vap District, I decided to contact it’s co-founder, Hillary Brown.

We are happy that our stuff found new kids to play with.

 photo 11270350_10153279424134259_4754161466540675697_o_zps0xipeily.jpgThis orphanage is home to 22 kids run by nuns.

 photo 11148852_10153279422599259_2553095353011022921_o_zpsma4qfnnh.jpgFound this baby bouncer from a neighbour leaving for another country.

 photo 11063763_10153279422754259_6337652263983122813_o_zps1hc2rygp.jpgOur boys were very happy to see that other kids enjoying their toys that this coming August, instead of a huge party for our eldest’s 7th birthday, we’re planning to visit the orphanage.

 photo 10830970_10153279424004259_3268891164571908004_o_zpsp8lislav.jpg

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the kids will be happy to see us too!

 photo 11174343_10153279422784259_5208596563610828566_o_zps0gjvmijv.jpgIf you feel like sending some of these kids some love, email me at

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