Halo Halo Express Opens in Sky Garden 3

 photo 20150617_121953_zpsqxwgq4pd.jpgWhat is Halo-Halo? In English, “halo” means mix. So it’s loosely translated to MIX-MIX. 😛

Halo Halo is the Filipino version of a Vietnamese sweet soup made from a mixture of cooked fruits, beans, and caramel flan — topped with crushed ice and milk! YUM!

 photo 20150616_194656_zpsnlwe4lsf.jpg

Fellow Filipino, Monet, opened up shop last week in Sky Garden 3, Phu My Hung. Now Filipinos can enjoy their summer quencher, Halo-halo, and indulge in several Filipino dishes.

 photo 20150609_182658_zpsgrmapqvv.jpgThe place is simply designed as your typical carinderia in any street corner in downtown Manila.

 photo 20150609_182649_zpsb6czphs0.jpgI personally like the tapsilog and the sisigsilog. Friends swear that the embusilog is delicious as well.

 photo 20150617_114830_zpsoqlxeya9.jpgSisigsilog

I usually do takeouts and even order some for lunch in the office.  😛
 photo 20150617_114823_zpscpkpwes3.jpgTapsilog

If you’re a Filipino and find yourself craving for some authentic Filipino dishes, drop by Monet’s shop! They do deliveries too!

Halo Halo Express
S45-2 Sky Garden 3, PMH , D7

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