Digital Textile Printing & Silk

With friends and family visiting and friends moving away, it has been a challenge to find meaningful souvenirs that are easy to carry home and something that will last.
 photo 296_14638424350_31e3afe229_o_zpsmjtbux6d.jpg

It would be nice to have conversation pieces you could display at home without going over your luggage allowance and that could easily fit a standard bag.

 photo 14844925813_90d6d884d8_o_zpsqxbzjsdl.jpgI came across NKP Fashion Corporation. And their online store allows you to choose different Vietnam-inspired designs for pillow cases and canvas bags.
 photo 14439208491_9cd6eae53b_o_zpstiixriqq.jpgThey mostly cater to exporters and buyers who buy by the bulk but they do retail too. And for a small fee, they can deliver to your home. I just so love the pillow cases! Am still waiting for more designs to become available so I can get some for our home.

 photo 82558f9536494b4b0a6e8db73dc099c75558e7981b3bb1d11a1c1a5f99df3f64_zpspvxmn0vn.jpgQuang, its owner is very accommodating and even invited me to his showroom at 195 Ly Tu Trong Street in District 1.

 photo 20150622_123417_zpsqgz46vrc.jpgAs it turned out, digital textile printing is just a small part of his business.

 photo 20150622_123030_zpsjm4wjzav.jpgI was visiting textile heaven! The silk and prints were just so beautiful!

 photo 20150622_123043_zpsv8v7ludq.jpgMonochromatic silk fabric is priced from 300kVND per meter. Those with design are priced higher.

 photo 20150622_123130_zpsbgnvzzp8.jpgThe cotton-silk combination with pattern is priced lower than pure silk of course (starts from 330kVND if I remember correctly).

 photo 20150622_123125_zpsogr2svxx.jpgThe  print that I wanted costs 490kVND but it’s so pretty! The attendant said that I would need 2.5 meters of fabric to have a dress made.  Maybe I’ll go on a diet first to lower the fabric length to 2 meters. 😛

So if you’re inclined to buy beautiful prints and silk, do check out Toan Thinh. I really should have visited when I needed an ao dai!

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