Photo Story

For a few years now, I’ve been doing some photo album layouts for family and friends. Every Father’s Day, I try my hardest to make the deadline to get a Father’s Day album out.  photo 10410744_1482547838699753_1804589768663724655_n_zpsgqfneh24.jpg This was my last year’s project and Fuji Film in Phu My Hung has been my supplier. I liked the board albums and it’s so easy to deal with them. My only complaint is the pricing. Even after doing the layout myself, the price is a bit over my budget.  photo 1911811_1482551595366044_4533741668934313166_n_zps4doywwwu.jpg I haven’t explored other album options in Fuji Film though, but enter Photo Story.  photo 2072fadbaf5a6b9ceee523c66e45ac9ef2cb62cc7fa75281f996d21f672797c5_zpshi8bejrq.jpgThe binding is high quality.  Photo Story uses different papers for the inside pages of the album. I chose matte of over glossy. And there are different sizes, designs, and number of pages.  photo 7fffca21d81506571c24b8ec81064350b8bf935ebdd1eaac6dd52b696faefbdd_zpsj1qkr8wv.jpg The print came out great and I just wished I spent time more time on editing and designing. 😛 As usual, I was cramming! Just by logging in their site, you can do your layout online using their software. However, for someone who has been doing layouting for quite a while, I found it a bit restrictive as there were layouts that I use that was not available. Background designs were readily available though and I just realize now that there is a way to get around the standard layouts in their software.  Hmmm… maybe next time. 🙂

To order your album, you can pay via credit card or via bank transfer.  The price is way more affordable than Fuji Film. Their customer service is terrific as they answer my questions via email quickly. Also, I requested for rush delivery and they obliged.

If you do try their service, just be patient with them on their delivery as my experience wasn’t all that good. But overall, the product, service, and cost are just right on the pocket.

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