Why are Vietnamese books so cheap?

 photo 31309bd798558f582997e9af62051639cd21a6502f39a7abf52328fa7057b0df_zpsyfs4jiad.jpg

Can somebody tell me why Vietnamese books are so affordable?

 photo b878626e06db048a89f799c847a2a6817af769e1f6629307fd886a34223c25c1_zpsth0ujpwu.jpgEven translated copies of bestsellers are better priced than the original ones.

 photo 188d23b7cc700bab67cd3dbf35fc64a34c738fcc24373a135407cb8a54a2d959_zpsjodth6wb.jpgOne of the best things a government can do for its countrymen is to help increase literacy by letting people have access to reading materials.

 photo 20932b37ca9775809ed9fcbb0de9cc7d02b09a89463a443392af3b6ca8746015_zps7lplk46h.jpgAll these books range from 13,000 VND to 45,000 VND. Can you imagine buying a book for less than a dollar?

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6 Responses to Why are Vietnamese books so cheap?

  1. I’d start by thinking that printing is cheap! But also I don’t think they need to pay any copyright or those “publisher” costs!

    Pretty good to pay nothing much eh? 🙂

  2. Angelique says:

    Hello! Yes it’s so important to share passion of reading! That’s exactly what we are doing at The Libary Project! We are so lucky in Vietnam to find pretty books for a cheap price! If you are interested by promoting literacy in Vietnam, have a look on our facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Library-Project/265045720005 And feel free to contact me to get any informations!! Thanks for your blog, I love reading it!

  3. jamie says:

    Hi, did you travel back to singapore on the 21 June?

  4. Chris Loomis says:

    Reading is a gift .
    To teach a child to open the World and gain knowledge is a blessing . I am glad these books are affordable , as it YES … will open up opportunities for these young readers . Children are the Future of any country and a nation that ignores this is in peril . I would like to come and give the World of knowledge to the young , at least as well as I can . This is our duty as Elder’s .

    Chris .

  5. Cameron says:

    Great readding your blog

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