FV Saigon Clinic at Bitexco

 photo 20150717_145840_zpsaa7ahsut.jpgJuly has been a busy, busy month! Before I knew it, we’re in our 4th week! Oh but it’s a long month!

 photo 11202564_10154004840337646_5219736524942214234_n_zpsinwndmnc.jpgFor the past 2 months, I have been busy focusing on HEALTH. Sigh.

 photo 11214175_10154004842812646_2645222896442166975_n_zpsrarfiuxr.jpgSo I became familiar with the FV Saigon Clinic at Bitexco which has been running for quite sometime and which I hoped I’d never visit.
 photo 11760225_10154004843077646_4121017139967034205_n_zps1nkookmn.jpgIt’s found on the 1st floor of the Bitexco Financial Tower and has a number of consultation rooms and includes a pediatrics unit.

The consultation fee is a bit higher than its hospital counterpart in District 7 but is way more affordable than the other “premiere” hospitals/clinics around the metro.

I’ve been here twice in the last 2 months and booking an appointment is quite easy by phone. It’s not flooded with patients so it’s not a surprise if you get a slot on the same day you called. I love the efficiency and ease of getting a check up here.

FV Saigon Clinic
Bitexco Financial Tower
District 1, HCMC
(08) 62 90 61 67

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