Color Crazy

Years ago, I got into coloring books. And back in those days, there weren’t any “adult coloring book”. All there was were Disney-themed or cartoon-inspired coloring books. And I had to make do. I always found coloring, therapeutic and calming.

Fast forward today, there are a number of adult coloring books in the market! I can’t believe it! And you can even download from different websites.

 photo 11800417_10154036683832646_4556824362447138693_n_zpspikieraf.jpgBeen so excited that my 12 colors couldn’t hack it anymore. Had to make some upgrade. But I hear there’s 60 colors?!?

 photo 11221351_10154036683772646_246596502766229633_n_zps7cnl5mey.jpgNo budget for 60. 36 will have to do.

And then, I’ve been hearing great feedback on Johanna Basford’s coloring books since last year. But there was none here in Vietnam. So I was trying to coordinate with friends back in Manila and Basford’s books were always sold out. But wouldn’t you know it? My good friend, Grace Maling (Hi Grace!), told me that PNC and Fahasa now have her books and more!

 photo 11836717_10154036597877646_5015168482308524044_n_zpsvivue6ru.jpgSecret Garden

They’re in Vietnamese though. But that doesn’t really matter when you do coloring.

 photo 11846503_10154036598167646_6813911826152844321_n_zpsjeyb0e3q.jpgEnchanted Forest

I’m in the look out for the Lost Ocean for a friend.

 photo 11800048_10154036597517646_6915011320926405177_n_zpsb6zmey2b.jpg

There are Valentina Harper’s books too!

 photo 11224535_10154036598467646_6031569787732523466_n_zps4hdad1sw.jpgInspirations

 photo 11828757_10154036598742646_3105163909815956534_n_zpsfepug52e.jpgAnimals

 photo 11800180_10154036599277646_5877219998593325057_n_zpspn0qn21x.jpgMandalas

 photo 11825121_10154036599092646_6186353238901229335_n_zpsy5qfuzyd.jpgFlowers

So if you’re looking for some great way to unwind and bond with your kids, why not grab those colored pencils, and color away? 🙂

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8 Responses to Color Crazy

  1. Tri says:


    My girlfriend loves to color. How’s the quality of the paper?

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  5. katz says:

    Hello are there any local colouring books? A friend of mine is visiting Vietnam and i would ask her to buy one for me. Tha ks

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