Hi5 Live!

Have you heard about Disney coming again for Disney Live Mickey Mouse Music Festival? Disney is coming again September 30 to October 6 (Ho Chi Minh City) and in Hanoi on October 9 to 11.

But boy were we all surprised last week when we learned that Hi5 was in town! Needless to say we had to scramble for tickets — that were sold in secret! 😛 Looked like it was exclusive to YouTV and sponsors only. We only saw a handful of foreigners in the event last Wednesday, August 5.

 photo 11855623_10154055065282646_7174270587565647020_n_zpsrvgdgdb6.jpg

Hi5 is now shown at YouTV daily at 6PM.

 photo 11836709_10154055065892646_110649394633798959_n_zps3ny7vbwu.jpg

So we caught them at Hoa Binh Theater last week and they had several shows in Crescent Mall, Aeon Mall, and Vivo City.

 photo 11822540_10154055066252646_5241975539536807350_n_zps34u9053g.jpg

Would have liked to see them perform again at the malls BUT my kids were uninterested! I could not believe it!

 photo 11217540_10154055065642646_7195533497918629226_n_zps6goevgjj.jpg

My eldest son loves Hi5 but he kept on insisting that he liked the older group better. 😛

 photo 11873697_10154055065502646_7282992499031263881_n_zps85non6ey.jpg

All I ever wanted is to have a photo taken with Stevie. 😐


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