Throwback Thursday: My Top 12 Family Computer Games

This is one of those throwback Thursday kind of posts.

My eldest son, Sam and I were talking a few days ago about computer games and I feel he finds that am not one of those tech savvy — if playing computer games is the benchmark for being called savvy nowadays.

Back in the 80s, we had one of those televisions that also served as a table furniture. It had an accordion like front cover so you can close it when no one is watching TV. It’s similar to the one below which I remember watching a number of Friday the 13th and Twilight Zone TV with my scaredy-cat brother.

 photo tv_zpsm4knuyvs.jpg

Then we moved “up” to compact TVs of Nivico that kinda looks like this:

 photo tv1_zpswyn222fi.jpgThen, Family Computer entered. Am sure my boys can’t imagine playing a video game using a small-screened black and white TV. But we did. And it was fun!

 photo Family Computer Mini_zpsw7mclgmf.jpg

Here’s my Top 12 Family Computer Games (in no particular order). Well at least those that I still remember!

1. Mario Brothers. Our neighborhood friends even came together to play almost everyday. And we even formed our “computer club” where we’d exchange tips and tricks on how to finish the game and get lots of lives for Mario and Luigi.

 photo mariobros_zpsp3zrtb3t.jpeg

2. Popeye. Not my favorite but was sure entertaining!

 photo popeye_zpsqp3vrcz2.png3.  The Legend of Kage which I could play for hours!

 photo legendofkage_zpszjfy36sr.jpg4. Mappy. Do you remember Mappy? This was great fun and it was such an easy and relaxing game popping balloons. 😛

 photo mappy_zpsawaotums.jpg

5. Galaga?

 photo galaga_zpsk4r2vwx5.jpg6. If I wanted a bit of a challenge climbing slippery slopes, I turn to Ice Breaker.

 photo NES_Ice_Climber_zpszjjgcxr8.png

7. The Elevator Man.

 photo elevator_action_remake_01_zpsbkzdj6ay.jpg8. Bomber Man.

 photo bomberman_zpsnkvvmaa7.jpg

9. Contra. I don’t like gun play all that much but my bro did.

 photo contra_zpsmn8r7axf.jpg10. B-wings.

 photo bwings_zpsw0ylghtb.jpg11. Battle City. In this game there was also an option where you can build your own city — the makings of Minecraft. 😛

 photo battlecity_zpspwsbviee.jpg

12. Highway Star. Before everything go complicated in Need for Speed, Highway Star was it. I was sooooo good with this game. 😛

 photo Highway Star J_zpsgjzcbdex.pngThe Family Computer was quite popular in the early 80s when Vietnam just began rebuilding. So am guessing none of these games are familiar. Maybe NES made its way during the late 80s?

Anyhoo, yes, son. I did play video games. And was pretty good at it too.

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2 Responses to Throwback Thursday: My Top 12 Family Computer Games

  1. roche says:

    Favorite ko Mario and Contra!

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