Motorbiking Essentials for Women

Like am an expert, right? LOL.

Fine, fine. I have no idea as to what are the essentials for women riding motorbikes in Vietnam but I do got a pair of eyes.

  1. Helmet – This one is for everybody. I still cringe at the sight of kids on motorbike with none on their head!
  2. Facemask – This one I don’t get. Why don’t the VN government just allow bikers to wear the full helmet with protection for the mouth area?
  3. Shades – Glare is always a problem on the road.
  4. Jacket – Who said jackets are for the cold season?
  5. Gloves – Especially for those sweaty hands!
  6. Socks – Specifically, toe socks. 😛
  7. Shoes – Of course! But high-heeled shoes is normal.
  8. Wrap-around cloth – Yup! Am not sure if this is available elsewhere in the world but in Vietnam, those wrap around things that you used to cover the waist down is very popular.

 photo 11906786_10154073603307646_4188452883384860670_n_zpsuqibrpgq.jpg

This one is usual for office-working women who have to wear short skirts. Pretty useful.

 photo 11905379_10154073601237646_4103798755442282815_n_zpsnx4intnu.jpg

I wonder what will people come out with next.

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