photo 11889545_10154081221382646_1584271516764578294_n_zpsanjzaa3m.jpg

I was wandering around with Mom in Vivo City when we saw this quaint shop at the 2nd floor beside Sleep Boutique.

 photo 11898831_10154081040442646_7344621325381491129_n_zpsu6xk74ge.jpg

My eyes were immediately drawn to the vintage items.

 photo 11923231_10154081040752646_6411233489534704485_n_zpsxflfaz7m.jpg

And yes, you can purchase them. I really thought they were just for display purposes. πŸ˜›

 photo 11873413_10154081042377646_3997336689622033963_n_zpst9343ijb.jpg

Sometimes, I long for my own home so I can decorate as I please.

 photo 11887839_10154081041847646_2511708944641741645_n_zpsc17osolq.jpg

I fell in love with items along this wall.

 photo 11180961_10154081044337646_7376981768767921581_n_zpsvpmk4ucu.jpg

Affordable wax stamps!

 photo 11921893_10154081045247646_4277987163056744769_n_zpssofjuo30.jpg

And scrapbooking items were available.
 photo 11049596_10154081045817646_5072054372082839697_n_zpshidfyrvq.jpg

Here are some wax in assorted colors.

 photo 11873395_10154081043402646_3936776879814620124_n_zpsmbjnpdtp.jpg

More stamps. πŸ™‚

 photo 11898534_10154081046372646_2260622090404301501_n_zpsquu7lcnm.jpgLots of vintage-designed notebooks.

 photo 11888011_10154081047242646_6891732166418230838_n_zpsux1bbf2p.jpg

The bags were really nice too.

 photo 11914975_10154081047927646_4995013528720149896_n_zpstiucuhvd.jpg

And there were some aged leather goods.

 photo 11903983_10154081042707646_7643618921498601225_n_zpsmcv0rhry.jpg

They’re open daily from 9 am.

 photo 11898629_10154081047657646_767156345896225717_n_zpsowbibysq.jpg

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