Tiki.Vn and Millie Marotta’s Tropical Wonderland

So I jumped in the color crazy bandwagon. Hubby even mentioned that Tiki sells them at a much lower price.

 photo tikivn_zpswoegbcir.png

While browsing yesterday, I spotted a new book available, Millie Marotta’s Tropical Wonderland.

 photo 11891993_10154084150252646_2350591459464777091_n_zpsiwmz588l.jpg

I ordered yesterday and it promptly arrived today. It costs 68,000 VND in PNC but only costs 51,000 VND online. Plus 10,000 VND shipping charges. I know the difference is just a few dongs but I also wanted to check out Tiki’s service.

 photo 11866429_10154084150302646_8392797920932313666_n_zpswzhwcewn.jpg

So far, Tiki is the best online shop I’ve shopped in Vietnam! They deliver quick. They call way ahead of time that they’re on their way to deliver and they deliver right to your doorstep. None of those nonsense of me getting down the building and walking to the nearest landmark. 😛

The website is in Vietnamese but Google Translate does its job.

Thanks Tiki!

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