A Visit to the Elf Village

A few months back, a friend from Three Brooms Town or Ba Cay Choi invited us to visit.  I wasn’t quite sure what it was until we visited last weekend one of their 3 towns called, Elf Village or Lang Gia Tinh at the Vista Walk in An Phu.

 photo 20150829_144533_zpsoiwcpvd9.jpg

The entrance had gears and pinions designed on its walls so it was pretty odd to enter a tavern-like venue.

 photo 20150829_151207_zps3lqrh3nk.jpg

The music that reached our ears when we went inside was very welcoming. My son instantly recognized the music was Irish and was enthralled by the “village” sights.

 photo 20150829_151631_zpsoouiam1y.jpg

The entrance and most of the walkways were narrow with low ceilings, and uneven steps.

 photo 20150829_144631_zpsk7jk2fcq.jpg

Kids can walk to the main area or yeah, why not slide? 😛

 photo 20150829_150924_zpssuc7oyhw.jpg

From their website, kids and kids at heart can enjoy a variety of arts and craft activities. Reasonably priced too!

 photo 3brooms_zpsx7gcrmcz.png

My son and his friends built a catapult while we, the adults, helicoptered parent. 😛

 photo 20150829_155503_zpsqfmbzddb.jpg

What I wanted to do was make mosaics in this room —

 photo 20150829_144854_zpsumapjazq.jpg

The other moms sat with the manager to discuss party planning. Looks like we’ll be coming back here to attend a party or two.

 photo 20150829_151235_zpscgqjmirf.jpg

It is a pretty terrific place where kids can be busy while the parents chat and have a snack. And there’s always something interesting to see. Here are some shots from our visit:

 photo 20150829_144849_zpsgmvi8406.jpg

 photo 20150829_144833_zpsjliox6kz.jpg

 photo 20150829_144804_zpsx5l2cbsn.jpg

 photo 20150829_144713_zps1tqfipmh.jpg

 photo 20150829_150100_zpsuj1cjphg.jpg

 photo 20150829_150025_zpss5ba1z32.jpg

 photo 20150829_150941_zpsutthb120.jpg

 photo 20150829_150732_zpscqqapnvo.jpg

 photo 20150829_150229_zps7fs6ijlq.jpg

 photo 20150829_150210_zpsw5q0inza.jpg

 photo 20150829_150120_zpsoinrjfvp.jpgA real working faucet

 photo 20150829_150052_zpsjsfpdbip.jpg

 photo 20150829_145931_zpsqxkkrqyf.jpg

 photo 20150829_145908_zps3icrpkhi.jpg

 photo 20150829_145622_zpse5iy5t6y.jpg

 photo 20150829_145613_zpsvpf8euhb.jpg

 photo 20150829_145617_zpsjxduk0mt.jpg

 photo 20150829_145554_zpsugodghws.jpg

 photo 20150829_145055_zpscuhzgwy0.jpg

Visit the Three Brooms Town:

Elf Village / Lang Gia Tinh
3rd Floor, The Vista Phu
Hanoi Highway, P. An Phu, District 2

Square Illusions / Quang Truong Ao Vong
61 Ho Xuan Huong St.,
Ward 6, District 3

Club Dark Secret / Cau Lac Bo Toi Mat
141 Phan Xich Long,
Ward 7, Phu Nhuan District

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