Once in a Blue Moon(Cake)

With the Mid-Autumn festival or Tết Trung Thu on September 27 almost upon us, mooncakes rule the streets of Saigon. There are mooncakes EVERYWHERE. Hard not to notice with all the new stores that popped up every street corner.

What is interesting is that foreign franchises such as Haagen Dazs have been creating their own take on the traditional mooncakes.

Even Baskin Robbins —

 photo baskin_zpsobb1nkml.png

And with my fifth year writing about mooncakes, I am more interested on the packaging.

 photo 20150901_210054_zps0ulhrzzj.jpg

Yup, McDonald’s is in getting into the festival as well, creating their own box of mooncake (4 small mooncake with a McCafe mug). This box costs 450,000 VND. BUT if you buy the mooncake separately, that’s just 55,000 VND each! That is one pricey box or one pricey mug! 😛 We bought the mooncake separately instead. 😀

 photo 20150901_212048_zpsqqf9mubz.jpg

Yep, it’s the mermaid.

 photo 20150901_212121_zpsxezcrxpm.jpg

Beautiful box indeed with 8 mooncakes! 😀

 photo 20150901_212241_zpselex8fnw.jpg

There are 4 flavors only though and the total cost is? Drumroll please. 950,000 VND!

 photo 20150903_100839_zps2usq7wag.jpg

Today, I received my box of mooncake from the office by New World Hotel. NWH mooncakes have never disappointed me. Yup, the box is long! (Stabilo for comparison!)

 photo 20150903_100921_zpshup93hpu.jpg

A number of officemates just brought the cakes and left the box in the office. Hahaha!

 photo 20150903_100921_zpshup93hpu.jpg

Honestly, the box could fit a violin!

 photo 20150903_100935_zpsifqhlr3s.jpg

I am glad that the office veered away from those meat and durian variants!

 photo 20150903_100940_zpsxdtkxm8a.jpg

And the price? For a box of 4, it’s 850,000 VND! These have better be good!

Why are these so pricey? Read my old article on The Anatomy of a Mooncake? 😛

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival everyone! Enjoy your mooncake! 🙂

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2 Responses to Once in a Blue Moon(Cake)

  1. Soki says:

    Ly, which is the best tasting mooncake for you?

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