Tea Time at The Dots

When The Dots was still under construction, I wasn’t quite too sure what it was going to offer.

 photo 20150915_130519_zpstrgngnto.jpg

It turned out to be a tea, coffee & desserts place run by the adjacent restaurants, Ajisen Ramen and Little Tokyo Teppan in their space in Kumho. The place is small but the furniture and interior design are enticing.

 photo 20150917_122745_zpsllc2vf1n.jpg

Am a creature of habit so I don’t really try out new food unless introduced by friends. Unfortunately, my friends who loved to eat (READ: Katrina and Ria) have both left Saigon leaving me to explore by my lonesome. 😛

 photo 20150917_122712_zps7rabtgsv.jpg

So anyway, the other day when it was raining out and I didn’t feel like going anywhere else for lunch, I decided to check out The Dots which actually offers Vietnamese lunch.

 photo 20150917_123158_zpsodn6tt2s.jpg

In honor of Katrina and Ria, I ordered the double broiled pork with shredded nori strips and Lemongrass tea (which the waiter recommended!), respectively.

The double broiled pork is delicious and yeah, I came back for it today. Katrina would have loved it. Although I don’t think she’d be happy with the portion. 😛

 photo 20150915_123653_zpsly8oxqli.jpg

And the Lemongrass tea was a perfect combination to my hearty lunch. The tea was served with the Vietnamese version of puto seko (rice cookies) — am not sure what it’s called in Vietnamese though.

 photo 20150917_123215_zpsls8hvczf.jpg

Note to self: will check if they’re selling the lemongrass teabags.

The Dots
2nd Floor Kumho Asiana Plaza
39 Le Duan St., District 1, HCMC

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