Where to buy electronics in Ho Chi Minh City?

If you don’t know it yet, there are lots of places to shop in Ho Chi Minh City. If you’ve just moved in Saigon and are looking for the best places to shop for electronics, this post is for you.

The 2 most popular places to shop for anything electronic and home appliance are Nguyen Kim and Phong Vu. They’ve got this big mall-like structures with floors and floors of gadgets.

 photo phong vu_zpsdjzvkopd.png photo nguyen kim_zpsakh2uo3v.jpg

But if you’re like me who hates going to big crowded places and you particularly know what you would like to purchase (smartphone or tablet), it doesn’t hurt to check the smaller but reliable shops. They do have sweet deals too and yeah, before venturing out, do your research and check their websites first.


 photo halo_zpslb7zxaal.jpg

Well there’s Halo Mobile and Halo Game. They’re operated by the same group. Their prices are competitive. It’s actually one of hubby’s favorite shops because he gets to browse the Playstation section as well. ๐Ÿ˜›


 photo WP_20140331_004_zpsudic1fyk.jpg

FPT Shopย is actually a huge company and they’ve got shops in malls as well. We visited this shop this weekend (the one along Khanh Hoi) and we’ve bought a phone here once. Pretty good service except this weekend the whole place reeked of rugby because of some work being done. They have a pretty good customer service. I guess we came at a bad time. ๐Ÿ˜›


 photo 20150927_133938_zps86vdohuu.jpgOne time, it was only Thegioididongย who was selling the phone that I wanted. So yeah, I have a pretty good experience buying from them as well. They’ve got lots of shops around the central business district and you can’t miss them with their bright yellow facade.


 photo 20150927_133913_zpsptje1bzw.jpg

As gleaned from the name of the shop, they only sell mobile phones. Oh gawd yes, I bought a phone here once (no judgments please!). Really good service although the setting up took a while.


 photo 20150927_143933_zpsknj2jj3p.jpg

This shop has pretty good deals and yup, we’ve done our shopping here yesterday. Not for me!!! (Defensive!)


 photo 20150927_135136_zpshbztot8x.jpg

The staff here seems nice and accommodating but haven’t got the chance to purchase from them. Do check out their shop though.


 photo vienthong_zpsh9nvxx99.jpg

Am not sure if Vienthong A is a new shop but they’ve got one in Vivo City especially for Mac products only. Haven’t had the chance to check them out but might be worth the time as they seem to have some sort of promo every now and then.


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7 Responses to Where to buy electronics in Ho Chi Minh City?

  1. Adesanwo says:

    Interested in buy mobile, electronic and apparel in Vietnam

    • rianita says:

      where i can find to buy electronics such as television, refrigerator, in ho chi min? maybe be big dealer in ho chi min, thank you so much

  2. Parnell says:

    all shops above sell Iphone, Samsung and other high-end brands. None of them sells chinese brands like Vernee, Dogee, Meizu, etc. Not even Oneplus. Too bad.

  3. Sharron Murray says:

    This site has lifted your blog and re-used it

  4. Khan says:

    Hi if anyone can guide! I want to buy smart watch ENGLISH VERSION for my kid. Preferable brand is VTECH. Any help about shop location.

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