Saigon Haze (again)

Last time it was Malaysia’s forest clearing causing haze in HCMC, now it’s Indonesia. 😦 Because of illegal burning of forest in Indonesia, it choked the air for the most part of South East Asia. Kids of friends in Penang, Malaysia reported that schools have shut down due to this too. Really awful.

 photo FB_IMG_1444112856889_zpsbdwlcl3k.jpgPenang, Malaysia (Photo by Ashley Juban)

Yesterday, the readings in Ho Chi Minh City were:

District 2 – HAZARDOUS:
– 1 200 000+ harmful particles / liter of air (ca. 400 µg/m3 or 434 AQI)

Phu My Hung – Very Unhealthy:
– 595 000 particles / liter of air (ca. 198 µg/m3 or 185 AQI)

Today, it was:

District 2 – HAZARDOUS:
– 1 550 000+ harmful particles / liter of air (ca. 516 µg/m3 or 500+ AQI)

Phu My Hung – HAZARDOUS:
– 1 150 000 particles / liter of air (ca. 383 µg/m3 or 422 AQI)

Just writing this post is making my nose itch. 😦  I got all these info from Aron Szabo by the way.

This morning, you know it was bad because the haze was on street level. I was walking my sons to school and the end of the street was all smoggy.

 photo 20151006_101553_zps6203qphs.jpg

Usually my view on my way to work is not this hazy scene.

Time for the rain dance.

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