Art In Us

In 2011, there was Trick Eye Art which showcased a number of 3D paintings. Now, in District 7 again, there’s Art In Us housed at the back of Vietopia.

 photo 20151007_161645_zpskgrhhg1l.jpg

Unlike Trick Eye Art, it looks like Art In Us will be here for a while. And I do hope they change their art work every few months or so.

 photo 20151007_161927_zpsgfkcteoy.jpg

Upon finding out about this place through Lidia (Hi Lidia!), my friend and I got excited and decided to bring our families yesterday. Yup! On a weekday! 🙂

 photo 20151007_162723_zpsdowsthcn.jpg

We decided that it’s better to go on a weekday because weekends can be packed. Well, we wouldn’t know for sure but it was nice to take photos without waiting for a bunch of people to step aside.

 photo 20151007_163208_zpsglryhvqy.jpg

As it turned out, we were the only visitors plus a couple who came in way after us.

 photo 20151007_163518_zpsqmzax3vm.jpg

My eldest son was hesitant to pose by himself but gladly posed with his friend, Sofia.

 photo 20151007_163944_zpszv0cmfwp.jpg

My youngest though would gamely pose but run before you click the camera! So yeah, it was good that we were the only ones there because I screamed quite a bit getting this kid in place.

 photo 20151007_163746_zpsyex9wf00.jpg

My mom is a trooper. Wherever you want her, she’s there in a flash. 😛

 photo 20151007_164157_zps4ziyjwf9.jpgThere were around 100 paintings according to this article, all painted by a group of 15 Korean artists.

 photo 20151007_164603_zpspq5esfkv.jpg

We finished the whole area in over an hour but that was just us breezing through the whole thing because our kids were running up and down the hallways and couldn’t get them to stay still.

 photo 20151007_164638_001_zpsjbp2rb69.jpg

And it wasn’t easy thinking “acting”! Thankfully, the Art In Us personnel would come up to us to offer posing advice and even take our photos.

 photo 20151007_164802_001_zps4oi4bafh.jpg

Hubby got the bad end of the deal running after our 3 year old but he did get in a few shots.

 photo 20151007_171458_zpseepxwoxr.jpg

The attention to details is awesome!

 photo 20151007_171915_zpsrfycic1m.jpg

Imagine the long hours of work put into these paintings!

 photo 20151007_172551_003_zpsb9qpcjjc.jpg

Here’s more of my favorite shots:

 photo 20151007_162434-1_zpslfh4zqbz.jpg
 photo 20151007_170952_001-1_zpstkgeyi4d.jpg

 photo 20151007_170547_zpsalfr4gx3.jpg
 photo 20151007_172728-1_zpssvwohq8o.jpg

 photo 9675911f7e8c8a01d87a7abfdf4b29b2ef631f325c5a47d9814beebfe715b48e - Copy_zpsua4icfdq.jpg
 photo d0f160dc55082fedd214bd7540e35f842e9781a0213948e6d136d38b07575e70 - Copy_zpswsvhbjui.jpg

 photo 0a8ea50b13f8de89118e503667386d59e39432fd47072fa08bc77ba6ff554a56_zpshbw0hw2t.jpg

Oh and by the way, you have to remove your shoes here so best if you can wear socks! But the floors can be slippery, so do watch your step.

You can check the published rates in the website. There’s a different fee for foreigners and locals but luckily yesterday, we were charged the local rate at 150,000 VND for adults and 130,000 VND for children. Our 3 year olds got in for free. It gets pricier during weekends and holidays.

Art In Us
Him Lam, Quan 7
9 am to 10 pm

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