Do you Grab Taxi?

Since using Uber, I have incurred savings from my daily commute to the office. But then there’s Grab Taxi.

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I’ve browsed through their application once and wasn’t too confident in using it. You have 3 options: Grab Taxi, Sieu Re, and Grab Bike.

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The Grab Taxi is just a taxi. So the fare is the same as riding any taxi which confused me. My friend told me that I should choose Sieu Re which translates to “super cheap”!!!

Being a cheapskate, of course I had to try it!

 photo Screenshot_2015-10-08-09-53-56_zps013yiraf.png

The application is pretty straightforward and easy to use. Having used Uber, here’s some disadvantages:

  • You can’t move the pick up point. The application relies on the GPS. At least this is how it is when I used it. Am I wrong? So, the driver had to call and check where I was and I ordered a taxi while I was still at home which was quite far from the pick up point.
  • You cannot pay by credit card which can be an advantage for some but since hubby is picking up the tab on my taxi ride, it was a bummer. 😛
  • You cannot find out what size of car assigned to you. It’s kinda like a lottery. 😛 But you can find out if you call the driver of course.

The advantages:

  • Payment is in cash which is lucky if you don’t own a credit card.
  • You know in advance how much you have to pay.
  • Like Uber, you can cancel booking when you feel like the driver is lost.
  • True to the word “sieu re”, the cost is waaaaaaay cheaper than the regular taxi and even UberX! It was 30% cheaper than UberX and 60% cheaper than a regular taxi! Would you believe?

Am not sure how Grab Taxi will fare during peak hours though — do they have a lot of vehicles? Coz Uber doesn’t. They do have more UberBlack but the cost is pretty high compared to UberX vehicles.

 photo Screenshot_2015-10-08-10-13-36_zpseaqivbpz.png

Looks like am a GrabTaxi convert.

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3 Responses to Do you Grab Taxi?

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  2. Tu Trong says:

    Thanks for your sharing!
    But Grabtaxi’ drivers sometime impolite, even rude to customer.

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