MOMO Kids Cafe & Restaurant

 photo 20151005_182000_zpshvvo81cm.jpg

When we visited the dentist last week, we passed by MOMO. It looked welcoming with its spacious dining space. Looked like a fun place to have dinner at.

 photo 20151005_181949_zpsxhuv9zji.jpg

Sorry for the bad photos, we went it for just a few minutes to check the menu and play place at the second floor.

 photo 20151005_181930_zpskpjpl2bd.jpg

I am fond of restaurants with kiddie areas AND attendants who really play with the kids.

 photo 20151005_181705_zpsohscftvr.jpg

There was a sand area!

 photo 20151005_181702_zpsron2vlff.jpg

You can of course have your kids celebrate their birthdays here.

 photo 20151005_181145_zpsw7f2ncze.jpg

There was an private area sectioned off for a small group of kids to have a meal:

 photo 20151005_181142_zpsacje2fb0.jpg

But the whole second floor was a great place to hang out and dine while watching your kids play.

 photo 20151005_181212_zpsxy0ufwfr.jpg

I love the wooden floorboards.

 photo 20151005_181210_zpsjz8bqs0p.jpg

Lots of areas to play and learn:

 photo 20151005_181203_zpsnodxf8xt.jpg

 photo 20151005_181147_zpspv6pbxcd.jpg

 photo 20151005_181145_zpsw7f2ncze.jpg

The place looks great actually — it’s just that I balk at the price per hour for kids to play.

 photo 20151005_181136_zpsj73tonyl.jpg

It costs 100,000 VND per hour. Am okay with this IF I plan to leave the kids anyway. BUT if I will stay, for sure I’d be ordering so I wish they could give the use of the play area for a discounted price.

 photo 20151005_181156_zpswtzqg8s4.jpg

The price of the food is in mid-ranged and unfortunately I cannot comment yet on how good the food is. Will let you know when we come back next time.

MOMO Kids Cafe & Restaurant
Garden Court 1- 155- SD 04 Ton Dat Tien St.
Phu My Hung, District 7, HCMC

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