Hamleys Opens in Vivo

 photo 20151021_180552_zpsurh2pvim.jpgMy son was happily playing at home when I dragged him to the opening of Hamleys. He really couldn’t care less and was doubly disappointed that we had to wait for 2 hours before the opening. photo 20151021_181445_zpshqwmlprp.jpg

We hung out at the Book Cafe while Hamleys continued with their program with a number of VIP at the ground floor and held a parade, complete with a a mini marching band.
 photo 20151021_185119_zpsua65qw6x.jpgAt 7 pm, they finally gathered again in front for the ribbon cutting. Yes, 7 pm and not 6 pm. 6 pm was for the VIP program. photo 20151021_185232_zps4bhk0dfz.jpgHamleys occupies two floors in SC Vivo City filled with — of course, toys! photo 20151021_185638_zpswfkn1wfs.jpgThe first floor was mostly filled with stuff for young children while the second floor was for the bigger kids. photo 20151021_185553_zpsz4z3yesl.jpgMy son was a bit overwhelmed by the toys and yeah, the crowd. photo 20151021_190902_zpshq48jfci.jpgI was overwhelmed by the pens and the prices. 😛 photo 20151021_193541_zpsw46cnx5c.jpgThis Hamleys staff was really good in doing the demo and she’s bilingual so I was pretty much sold on the pens. I bought a couple of boxes after a miscommunication on the buy 3 take 1 promo. For a small box, the pens were pricey for almost 300,000VND.

But here are my favorite finds in Hamleys —
 photo 20151021_192421_zpsnr60roum.jpgThe scooter was just over 1.2MVND while the balance bike was just under 2MVND — really much cheaper than the First Bike being sold in Vietnam. photo 20151021_191958_zps6wfsjtoz.jpgOn my son’s 7th birthday I had to look for a telescope as gift. Hamleys opened 2 months late. photo 20151021_191643_zpsxqpkjiac.jpgI was pretty excited with this microscope set! But no, not yet. Must.Not.Buy. photo 20151021_191426_zpss95hsyh0.jpgThis is one of my favorite shelves which displayed horseshoe magnets, voice changing gun, and binoculars! photo 20151021_191317_zpspq1pzeo5.jpgOkay so when I saw these Magic Balloons, I wanted to buy them for Sam and Rafa. I was pretty sure they’d enjoy it until I saw the price! It was over 800,000 VND! These are the pricier counterparts of plastic balloons which as a child, I could buy for less than Php5 (1/10 of a dollar) for a small tube.  So we had to pass. photo 20151021_190707_zpszcc38kf3.jpgThese National Geographic toy blocks were really awesome. And they light up too! photo 20151021_195103_zpsgpdx6bq1.jpgThe opening went well I think and there were lots of people and  a long line to the counter. Let’s see how they will fare in the Vietnam market.

1st and 2nd Floors, SC Vivo City
Phu My Hung, District 7, HCMC

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