Belated Happy Halloween!

 photo 12193768_10154259277427646_2042833300395009758_n_zpsw9tkiyuv.jpgI completely forgot to take a photo of how our front door looked like this year for Halloween! But I did manage to take a photo of our treat bags. 🙂

We started organizing Trick or Treat back in 2011 for family and friends in our area and it has always been fun! I can’t believe we’ve been doing it for 5 years!

 photo 12096026_10154255276082646_4357795375860011358_n_zps3ng8iq7c.jpg

This year, we gathered some 30+ kids. It gets dark pretty quickly these days so we thought 5 PM was just about right to start the T0T. These were the kids while we were waiting for everyone else. They still looked fresh and raring to go. 😛

 photo 12065863_10154255276522646_3106282592807502958_n_zpsfgndwl1a.jpg

These were my kids. 😛 Sam wanted a Ghostbusters costume! Can you believe? He only told me last week and I didn’t have the strength to make him one. I was glad he agreed to wear a police costume. Now he’s telling me he wants to be Marty McFly next year! Gad. I hope he forgets our conversation.

 photo 12196072_10154255161647646_7218991534149252250_n_zpsm6tri24l.jpg

These were the kids by the end of the night. Sweaty, itchy, and tired from all the running around!

It was fun though and all the families who joined brought some snacks so it was truly a terrific get together! Now they’re all thinking of our next event, Christmas.

Hope your Halloween was a blast!

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