ABL Season Starts

 photo 20151031_165712_zpsncgc1jvx.jpg

I am not basketball-savvy but I know how to cheer for my team. 🙂  Am so glad the ABL season has begun!

 photo 20151031_171110_zpsrbs0uic7.jpg

The CIS Stadium where this season will be held is near our place so yeah, we missed the start. 😛

 photo 20151031_171114_zpstiadxsvg.jpg

I actually found out the day before the game of Saigon Heat vs Singapore Slingers that our fellow Pinoys, Baguion and Avenido were no longer part of the team. 😦 I was disappointed. But I still hoped that the new roster would prevail.

 photo 20151031_174242_zpsaao7beba.jpg

Well, at the very least, Kris Rosales of Singapore Slingers is Filipino. But I couldn’t really cheer for him in that match. 😛 He was actually very good though.

Ong 30’s dancing was the highest point of the night for me. Seriously. Our team had so many embarrassing mistakes! Viet Arnold stepped up his game but he couldn’t do it alone. The new import Cremorne was good but I guess it would take some time for him to warm up to the team. Argh. That first game really soured my mood about ABL altogether. If Avenido and Baguion were there, we could have taken on Singapore Slingers without too much problem.

But yeah, I would still watch because there’s a team from my home country, Pacquiao Powervit Pilipinas Aguilas! I sure do hope that Pacquiao watches at least one time in Ho Chi Minh City! And that makes 3 Filipino coaches out of the 6 teams in the ABL! How cool is that?

 photo team_zpssjxgzzk7.png


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