Tales from Trail!

And just like that, 2 months have past since our last real bike ride.

 photo 12109229_10154270508642646_2914972800652278759_n_zpswtog2iq0.jpg

I really, really missed riding my bike. It badly needs some TLC.

 photo 12187902_10154270508732646_1734126287334578828_n_zpsf6x2plsp.jpg

We set out before 6am and just stuck to our usual route. The weather was blessedly cool and we passed by lots of joggers, bikers, and this 3 groups of people playing badminton. There were 3 courts with each court having 6 players.  😀
 photo 12188951_10154270508927646_9093272706450906521_n_zpslurv7gth.jpg

Hubby and I took the Nguyen Duc Canh – Nguyen Luong Bang – Tan Phu route. Saw a couple of friends too on their morning walk. There’s one major bridge on this route with an awful view. Haha.

 photo 10530888_10154270508977646_3696283197177871265_n_zpscguythij.jpg

We biked through Crescent Mall and saw Dinner In The Sky.

 photo 12219484_10154270509017646_6987528426985285719_n_zpsfmffvykj.jpg

This new dining destination that has been all over the globe is in Ho Chi Minh City and seats 22 persons.

 photo 11215837_10154270509127646_4464769008019217640_n_zpsp69ksx73.jpg

VIPs were treated to this exciting dining experience last night but I read that they’ll open today.

 photo vib1_zpsxz2zmrpv.jpgPhoto by Marivic Gaspar

It goes up to 50 meters.

 photo vib_zpsycio8ev4.jpg

I honestly want to try it but am sure this will make me queasy and I’d probably need to go the bathroom. 😛

 photo 12191551_10154270509172646_1534423368088185384_n_zpspbznmulp.jpg

It looks pretty high from here! But 50 meters is probably just about 7 stories. Hmmm… much like our apartment. Ugh. It’s HIGH!

 photo 12115670_10154270509382646_2868130174924704223_n_zpslxtgogo8.jpg

Not sure if Crescent is the ideal place for Dining In The Sky, but this morning, it was a gorgeous day out.

 photo 12227096_10154270509472646_8375303724611987140_n_zpssf4kjvnz.jpg

We passed by this new building (is it a hotel?) called Mifuki. It stuck out amidst the dreary white buidlings along Ha Huy Tap. Oh and yeah, did I say it’s called Mifuki? 😛 If you’re Pinoy, you know why I find it funny. 😛

 photo 12219324_10154270509542646_7046425449258721704_n_zpsi7dwpjgb.jpg

It’s great to be back on the bike!

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