Hidden Pathways

So I’ve been living for 6 years in the same neighborhood and it was only recently that I discovered that there is a pathway slicing through 10 blocks. 😛 Whatthe?!

 photo 1_zpsr2hgdntl.jpg

I’ve been like living under a rock?

 photo 2_zpso8stwl4p.jpg

And these pathways are terrific places to walk through under the sweltering morning heat.

 photo 3_zpskmngppgn.jpg

And since PMH has trimmed the trees off the branches in preparation for the rainy days, it has been quite hot walking along the sidewalks these days.

 photo 4_zpsxdqp7irm.jpg

It would just be nice though to see all the pathways clean and grass. There were bald spots all over. But there were some nice pathways like these:

 photo 5_zpsw9jz2hgb.jpg

 photo 6_zpsodbvnlo7.jpg

This was really sad:

 photo 7_zpstjez0wtf.jpg

 photo 8_zps0apqrrcx.jpg

 photo 9_zpstznpaghq.jpg

The pathways cut through until Nguyen Van Linh.

 photo ten_zpsviv65k7g.jpg

Just a light Monday morning post after the tragic events this weekend. Love and light to Paris and the rest of the world.

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2 Responses to Hidden Pathways

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  2. fede and vita says:

    Hello Vita! Maybe you remember the italian guy with the belarussian girlfriend Vita! We see you are still in PMH and so are we, back 3 months ago after 2 years. We should meet someday!

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