Food Trip: Le Crespo

Ever since Starbucks opened along the Nguyen Thi Nghia – Cach Mang Thang roundabout, lots of coffee shops and restaurants have sprout up!

 photo roundabout_zpsvq1ymiyt.jpg

A few months ago, I started seeing a new pizza place, Le Crespo. I even pointed it out to hubby and wanted to try it out.

 photo 20151118_131935_zpsqgfw0ha6.jpg

And so, yesterday, I was finally able to try the food at Le Crespo with my good friend, Gigi.

 photo 20151118_131832_zps6zmgsmuo.jpg

The place is owned by Norwin Crespo and his wife, Ofelia. And the first thing you’d notice is its rustic and earthy interiors.

 photo 20151118_131932_zpsbe0cfamt.jpg

The kitchen with the wood fire oven is designed with bricks and mismatched tiles.

 photo 20151118_131905_zpshkl7zra4.jpg

Norwin scoured the city of materials.

 photo 20151118_131947_zpsdryanpuu.jpg

The table of this one below was from a ship —

 photo 20151118_132137_zpsttlasqwp.jpg

While this one is actually a painting —

 photo 20151118_132120_zpsuumd8ssb.jpg

This portion of the upper area is still under renovation but is a perfect place for parties and meetings that can seat around 70.

 photo 20151118_132038_zpsmeainlq6.jpg

Since it was just Gigi and I, we ordered the half-and-half Prosciutto Burrata and Shrimp (with Broccoli) pizza. I love Prosciutto and Burrata separately so putting them together was like the best treat ever!

 photo 20151118_120850_zpswqyaqt2w.jpg

We also got a sampler of their famous slow-cooked smoke-BBQ ribs. How slow? Is 12 hours slow enough for you? 😛

 photo 20151118_125548_zpso0dmspof.jpg

I will go back for the ribs! The meat was falling off the bones. No knife needed! It’s flavorful and went well with their special sauce.

I highly recommend the place! If you want to try out the place, hit me up at for the special discount. 😉

Le Crespo
290 Ly Tu Trong St., District 1
Ho Chi Minh City
08 3539 9977

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