It is a given that towards the Christmas season, it doesn’t really get cool in Saigon. The cold season usually starts end of January and heightens during Tet. That’s why am thankful that from where I live, there are lots of trees around. Except that it is so unusual that Phu My Hung has been on the excessive trimming of trees!

 photo 11050164_10154298317847646_8717840098030674186_n_zpsckqdig3y.jpg

I’m sorry. But I don’t just get it. WHY NOW?

 photo 12249943_10154298317412646_8805243386426159895_n_zpsizancpcx.jpg

I mean yeah, they grow back but do you really have cut off everything and just leave the branches?

 photo 12219365_10154298317162646_521950227035977830_n_zpsxmjq9yei.jpg

A couple of months ago, I could understand the reason because it was sorta the rainy season and we’ve had a number of experiences with trees falling due to the heavy rains and wind. But seriously, it’s summery during Christmas, so WHY NOW?

 photo 12241693_10154298316842646_2358192442365272323_n_zpsomujlsvp.jpg

I think it’s just too much! See these trees? That has taken like a couple of months to grow back! And tell me, how could establishments who want to put up lights for Christmas do so? It really looks so ugly!

 photo 12278662_10154298315527646_3884696410447746714_n_zpskvtmi5xa.jpg

And these workers? They’ve been working their butt off for over a month now fixing the sidewalks and yes, no shade at all. I feel for these guys!

And all I want to know is WHY?!? And also, have you heard of the word, TRIM?

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