35th Terry Fox Run on Sunday

 photo abc9617cbbde9da9eb215f151004637e69ccfd47a1baa030fdd84d4def108f76_zpsopnoplia.jpg

Finally, the Terry Fox Run shirts are available! Didn’t know they had an office at The Landmark which is just near where I work.

 photo 9b4b4a83e94fef5f4388bccbae39673a3e531937d671f06dcbaf4a620160d866_zps9gt6v63k.jpg

Got our bibs too. Shirts are at 200,000 VND each and if you want to make a donation, please do so. 🙂

 photo TFR-2015-Route-v1_01_zpsdwxletpi.png

The route is same as last year’s. So yes, people would have to go over the bridge along Tan Phu. Some kid on his roller blades last year fell on the crowd as he couldn’t stop himself down the bridge. So this isn’t really an ideal route. We’re planning to bring our bikes but seems much more safer to just run/walk.

See you all on Sunday bright and early at 8 am!

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