Terry Fox Run 2015

 photo 20151129_075317_zps5l8cwhn8.jpg

Twas a busy weekend! After a private film showing on Saturday night, I doubted if we could wake up bright and early for the Terry Fox Run on a Sunday morning.

 photo 20151129_075404_zpsb2yn96ky.jpg

We left the house at 7:30 am for the 8 am run. We decided to just ride our bikes because I don’t think I can carry our 3 year old for 5 kilometers!

 photo 20151129_075700_zpsnsjscvyi.jpg

I knew we were late so we just decided to wait in front of the starting line because we knew we couldn’t get in because of our bikes.

 photo 20151129_075656_zpsb1egcm2u.jpg

And because it was late for a run, my 3 yo was screaming that it was too hot!

 photo 20151129_080350_zpsua4tvhqr.jpg

This was the head of the pack. Last year, we were somewhere in the middle on our bikes and it was really difficult. Because it’s not really a marathon, people were just walking slowly. And it was hard to traverse the crowd.

 photo 20151129_080353_zpswnntbvuz.jpg

The lady in the purple cap is someone I saw all the time running along Crescent Mall. I admire her resolve to run every morning!

 photo 20151129_081851_zpsh44mleud.jpg

We let our eldest run the last leg of the race. He forgot to take his helmet off. 😛 On our bikes, we finished the whole thing in 20 minutes!

 photo 20151129_081938_zps1gy32moz.jpg

We dedicate our participation to my Dad who beat cancer twice, my brilliant classmate Kathy, and a friend’s father battling the big C.

Thanks, CanCham for organizing this event!

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