Are you ready for Christmas?

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It’s just 22 days till Christmas and finally, Saigon has started getting ready! Last Monday, November 30, I saw lots of shops and restaurants in a frenzy putting up Christmas decors to welcome December.

Me? I headed to Cholon a couple of weeks ago to give our Christmas decors an upgrade. 😛 It’s been a while since I’ve visited Cholon and I kinda missed it. The fruits at affordable prices too!

 photo 20151125_093633_zpsbni4rxcc.jpg

Back in 2009, Cholon was the only place where you could get Christmas trees and decors. A 1.2 meter-Christmas tree cost 150,000 VND (7.5 USD) back then. I kid you not! I spent more money on Christmas decors than on the tree itself!

 photo 20151125_094329_zpsctludjee.jpg

Before I we could start our serious Christmas shopping, we dropped by this stuff toy shop. The quality of the products is export quality! I love those bears!

 photo 20151125_100706_zpskzn09nfa.jpg

What I was searching for were shiny, shimmering, golden leaves. So off we went to the street selling artificial flowers.

 photo 20151125_100722_zpsizzexbix.jpg

The shops were narrow and I was just praying my allergic rhinitis won’t act up.

 photo 20151125_103240_zpsfpdcrhrq.jpg

….aaaaand voila!

 photo 20151125_105103_zps78etpaov.jpg

I hope they don’t look tacky but they really lit up a room.

 photo 20151125_105115_zpsleq0ve0q.jpg

A stem would cost somewhere from 30k to 65k VND.

 photo 20151125_110903_zpsogw6qjy5.jpg

Then we were off to the street where Christmas decors were being sold.

 photo 20151125_111907_zps6xsb9y09.jpg

 photo 20151125_112025_zpstirmew41.jpg
I have been looking for these hangings for the longest time!

 photo 20151125_113204_zpsphsjfpaz.jpg

Then we hit the mother lode.

 photo 20151125_115527_zpsm3znvuje.jpg
 photo 20151125_115533_zps4cid0yzj.jpg
 photo 20151125_115549_zpskuvtdhwu.jpg

The prices are waaaaay cheaper than in District 1. Most of these products cost 2-3x more expensive in District 1.

So if you’re looking to decorate your home this Christmas, I still recommend going to Cholon if you have the time. It helps that the bus stop from our place is near our apartment.

Happy decorating!

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3 Responses to Are you ready for Christmas?

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  2. Fritzie says:


    I’m Fritzie and I am a Filipina too. I was googling what Christmas is like in Ho Chi Minh and bumped into your page. Reading your write-up alone I already had a feeling the author is a Filipino because of the very good English! Anyway, actually I have a strange question. I’d like to ask your help if I can find avocados at the main market in Ho Chi Minh? Is that called Ben Tanh? We will be flying there on the 21st to spend Christmas there. We are now in Thailand, from Cebu to Phuket to Bangkok. Avocados are very expensive here and the ones available are not the best like we have at home. Then when I was researching about Saigon I’ve learnt they have a lot of avocado shakes available in stalls so avocados must be available there? In this particular Cholon market you mentioned in this post, do you think I can possibly find it here? Hehe sorry for the fuss.

    Kudos to your blog! ❤ 😀


    • Lyra says:

      Hi Fritzie! Thank you for visiting! 🙂

      On the avocados, yup, lots of avocados. You’d find more I guess in Cholon near the bus stop where the fruit vendors are. In Ben Thanh, meron din. But best talaga to visit markets in the morning when the produce is still many.

      Have a terrific Christmas here in HCMC! 🙂

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