Sights of Christmas

Haven’t really been going around much to see the sights so these are just some scenes of Christmas I’ve been seeing near work and our home. Hope everyone is gearing up for Christmas! Am excited that Christmas is upon us!

 photo 20151221_205754_zpskq871fk0.jpg

In a largely non-Christian country, seeing the Belen on display on public is rare.

 photo 20151221_205654_zpsetvv5tzd.jpg
 photo 20151219_184143_zpshksf5utm.jpg

Love the tree of Sheraton (above).

 photo 20151218_190953_zpsp0ozniwd.jpg
 photo 20151217_114004_016_zps2tujhsqj.jpg
 photo 20151213_200428_zpsrhgkbgyc.jpg

Dove’s snow globe in Crescent Mall.

 photo 20151213_182208_zpsnfrzuemf.jpg

Awesome Lego Christmas tree in Crescent Mall!

 photo 20151203_103041_zpsrvs4taj9.jpg

Kumho have some fab displays!

 photo 20151130_183111_zpslllmb38d.jpg
 photo 20151130_174106_zpsqnjcvxc8.jpg
 photo 20151130_121646_zpsaynunswv.jpg
 photo 20151130_121637_zpsmpbloqoy.jpg
 photo 20151130_085304_zpsavph69is.jpg
 photo 20151130_080102_zpsb81m2mhy.jpg
 photo 20151130_085440_zpsojkxhiv1.jpg

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