Three Days Before Christmas

This is quite a late post but I’ll post it here anyway for future reference.

 photo 20151201_103507_zpsubcgivup.jpg

So I was tasked by the office early this month to find the perfect tree for the office plus decors. I have been shopping at Cholon only to find out that right at our own backyard was Ngan Thong.

 photo 20151201_103512_zps7kskhuz1.jpg

Am not sure what they sell during off season, but right now they’re selling Christmas decors. And they deliver!

 photo 20151201_103448_zpsw3njgeuk.jpg

Bought these golden leaves in Cholon for 30-35,000 dong only to be sold here at 10,000 dong!!! Troi oi!

 photo 20151201_101256_zpsebimfkci.jpg

Looking for Christmas balls?

 photo 20151201_101011_zpsbf7jrusp.jpg


 photo 20151201_095910_zpskvmdcvcn.jpg


 photo 20151201_095442_zps6icsf9yq.jpg

They’ve got 3 floors of Christmas decors! And yup, you can shop online.

How much did we spend? For a 2.1m tree plus decors, we paid for a little over 2MVND or roughly 100 USD. Not bad! Not bad at all!

Ngan Thong
74A Duong so 21, P. Tan Quy, Q7
+84 8 37719067
+84 8 37710068

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