A Visit to Notre Dame Cathedral


What I love about Saigon is that the tourist spots are not just huge paper weights. They are living, breathing places. They are not just there for show but are actually still being used by the locals.

 photo 20151229_161514_zpsi3kb15zs.jpg

I try my best to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral every week apart from the Sunday Mass to say my prayers. That’s why it bothers me every time I walk to the cathedral and see these:
 photo 20151229_160955_zpsbwijopnz.jpg
 photo 20151229_160945_zpsjhmfasks.jpg
 photo 20151229_160937_zpsbfkutkcf.jpg

Mostly, the teens who does these to a national treasure.

 photo 20151229_160927_zpspvos5j1s.jpg
 photo 20151229_160919_zpsusrn2bx0.jpg
 photo 20151229_160915_zpsplotyjxc.jpg

Just sad to see the walls defaced.

 photo 20151229_160909_zpsehjlgvay.jpg
 photo 20151229_160856_zpsn65ghsy7.jpg
 photo 20151229_160838_zpspsbthrah.jpg

Well, I do hope that writing their names on the walls mean that their relationship would last too. 😛

 photo 20151229_160828_zpsedappcs1.jpg
 photo 20151229_160811_zpsovmhkjyh.jpg
 photo 20151229_160801_zps2r2erjrv.jpg
 photo 20151229_160750_zpsawid6d9o.jpg

If you’re reading this and planning to write on the walls of the Notre Dame Cathedral, please don’t.

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