Tales from Dalat (1) – Cozy House

Not exactly sure where to start about our second trip to Dalat for Christmas but I decided on the easiest one — our first airbnb experience.

If you follow Talon Windwalker in 1Dad1Kid, he has had a lot of airbnb experiences so I was just keeping my fingers crossed that we’d win the airbnb lottery for our first experience.  😛

 photo 20151226_081055_zpsqbhmi27s.jpg

We traveled to Dalat on the 25th of December and booked with Cozy House in Central of Dalat City for 4 days. The place is found on a hem along Tran Hung Dao St. A little difficult to find but our Vietnamese driver was able to find out where after a phone call with the host.

The mom of the host, Tiny Han welcomed us to her home. She couldn’t speak English but between 4 persons with around 6 years of experience living in Vietnam, we made do. I can’t believe we managed to learn what we needed while staying in the house. Our limited Vietnamese plus our excellent talent in playing charades came in very handy. We really must study Vietnamese.

 photo 20151228_102026_zpspzsfnm35.jpg

I promised myself that I’d take lots of photos of the place but of course I forgot. All I have are photos of us moving in with all our mess. But anyway, the house has 2 floors with a yard out front where you can dine and cook barbecue. It gets a bit chilly in the morning but it’s a terrific place to hang out.

 photo 20151228_102035_zpshhafxfas.jpg

The kitchen is well-equipped with all that you need including condiments. They don’t have drinking water but you could get water from the tap and boil. We opted to just buy some water outside. We cooked our breakfast here twice when we were all too lazy to set out early.

 photo 20151228_074329_zpst9yzami5.jpg

The supermarket, Big C was just a street away so we bought some breakfast items from there.

 photo 20151226_074512_zpsjiupoxsj.jpg

We were 5 adults and 3 kids and we were comfortable in Han’s home. Her home has 3 bedrooms (one on the first floor and two on the second floor). One bedroom in the upper floor has 2 double beds. And Han even has an extra mattress. The house can easily fit 10 adults. All bedrooms have a bathroom with water heater of course. The common bathroom in the ground floor was used as a laundry room. Yup, you can really do your laundry!

 photo IMG_3325_zpskq4ogl09.jpg

Here’s a couple of views from our room’s balcony.

 photo IMG_3324_zpsuvftjt1k.jpg

It’s a real quiet neighborhood and we hardly saw our neighbors except for kids going to school.

 photo IMG_3322_zps6isk5byf.jpg

The mattresses and linens are all hotel quality. I had no trouble going to sleep here at all.  And each room had a TV including the living room — so there’s 4 TVs with cable. And you can also watch the security cameras.

There are no ACs because the cold weather in Dalat is sufficient but there’s an electric fan in each room.

 photo 20151228_074340_zpsd8rglpuy.jpg

I still can’t believe I didn’t take lots of photos!!! But we felt really at home at Han’s place and we really would love to come back to Dalat and stay here again. 🙂

P.S. Don’t forget to bring your passport. I thought since we were not staying in a hotel, we need not have ourselves registered with the police. Yeah, I was wrong. Good thing though that we all brought our Temporary Resident Certificates.

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