Tales from Dalat (3) – Quan Nuong No. 1 BBQ

 photo 20151225_193538_zpsq5ty3yjv.jpg

With the help of Google Maps, we walked to Quan Nuong No. 1 BBQ.  From Tran Hung Dao, you turn left when you reach Sammy Hotel. It’s just a few meters from Sammy Hotel.

 photo 20151225_193353_zpskafrefgf.jpg

Found out about this through TripAdvisor.

 photo 20151225_181601_zpsg4eyjhdr.jpg

So there’s the usual pork, beef, chicken, but we just had to try the crocodile and the Halal sausauge. 😀

 photo 20151225_182757_zpshx3ohdep.jpg

It was all worth smelling like BBQ! The food is delicious and inexpensive! For our group, we only spent a little over 500,000 VND. Their pickled mangoes were delicious and the okra served with the barbecue was fresh and crunchy!

 photo 20151225_182753_zpswcacggs5.jpg

I normally dislike going to restaurants where we have to cook our food. I mean we do that at home already, right?  😛 But this is one place that I don’t mind cooking especially in the cold weather.

 photo 20151225_182850_zpsvp1mdnx7.jpg
When we come back to Dalat to visit again, we’d be sure to drop by this place again!

Quan Nuong No. 1 BBQ
01 Le Hong Phong , Dalat


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