Tales From Dalat (6) – Robin Hill Cable Cars

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Back in 2013, I missed riding the cable cars with our group. My youngest was just 8 months old then and was nursing a fever due to teething that we had to sit this one out.

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Fast forward to 2015, my now 3 year old is raring to try all the activities in Dalat.

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From Anna’s Coffee House, we just walked to Robin Hill. The line was pretty long actually so we waited it out a bit and took in the surroundings.

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We had a choice to take a round trip ride or just one way. We chose the latter and just had our driver wait for us at the other end where he would take us to our next stop.

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Each cable car can fit 4 adults.

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It was terrific! I love cable cars! The last time I was on one was when we were in Nha Trang and we took the cable ride to Vinpearl.

 photo 20151226_103957_zpskcrperpf.jpg

The cable ride to Nha Trang was rocky and windy, that scared me quite a bit.

 photo 20151226_105059_zpshloudpgc.jpg

As with all tourist spots we’ve been to in Vietnam, the price is not expensive. The ticket for adults is 50,000VND (2.5 USD) and for kids 40,000 VND (2 USD).

 photo 20151226_105139_zpssgme62ha.jpg

Dalat Cable Cars
Robin Hill – Truc Lam Monastery

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