Tales From Dalat (7) – Revisiting Datanla Waterfalls

 photo 20151226_112831_zpsitle0foj.jpg

There are lots of activities you can do in Datanla Waterfalls but for our group with small kids and a senior citizen, we only chose the obvious, the Luge.

 photo 20151226_123340_zpsfqqjyxzo.jpg

If you check out my post in 2013, Datanla has stayed pretty much the same.

 photo 20151226_114647_zpsrcspf6cj.jpg

Before we saw the falls of course, we had to ride the luge. It was Rafa’s first time and unlike last time, I couldn’t take a video while holding a toddler. 😛

 photo 20151226_123749_zpspgtkxlo1.jpg

My pet peeve? All the other luge riders stopping every time just to take selfies!!!! At one point there were several cars that hit each other. It was scary!

 photo 20151226_122657_zpsy3h76yrd.jpg

Am sure it was cringe-worthy but I had to shout several times for them to stop taking photos. I had a toddler with me and didn’t want to get into an accident. There was a time when we had to stop in a 45 degree angle because the traffic was bad.

 photo 20151226_122701_zpsunchbfmn.jpg

I am not sure if they had this cable car last time, but there also is a cable car running the length of the river.

 photo 20151226_123810_zpszvi7jfgk.jpg

Entrance to Datanla is at 35,000 VND I think and other activities are paid separately. But still affordable!  Oh and you can dine in their restaurant.

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